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Fill out the form below to ask any questions about using technology to transform adult learning. The question can be about G Suite for Education apps, distance and/or blended learning, or any other digital project you are working on that could use a fresh pair of eyes. After submitting the Form, Joey will respond via email with resources to help answer the questions and/or to set-up a time to chat by phone to work on the digital puzzle together!

Sample questions that others have asked include:

Sample 1

"At my ABE program, we have started to use a Google Form for our online Intake Form in order to get new students enrolled with our program and set up for virtual and distance learning. I am wondering if it is possible to select several specific cells from the Google Sheet (that comes from the student filled Google Form) and have that info autofill into a Google Doc?"

Sample 2

"I have been creating videos and photos on my smartphone to use with my students for WhatsApp for our "phone school." I often save them in Google Drive. At first I couldn't figure out how to save them using my work email, so was saving a bunch in my personal Google Drive. I was able to share the folder with my work email account in G Drive, but I want to make my work G Drive the actual owner of the folder so as to free up space in my personal G Drive "